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GSR during Natural Stress Relief meditation.

During the practice of the Natural Stress Relief technique, beyond its effect on brain waves (the strengthening of alpha waves), there is a strong increase in the electrical resistance of the skin (this is known as "Galvanic Skin Response", or GSR), due to decreased perspiration, which in turn results from a lessening of anxiety.

The effect of the Natural Stress Relief Technique on GSR is rapid and very consistent. Electrical resistance is measured in thousands of Ohms (kOhms) using electrodes placed on the index and middle fingers of the left hand. The resistance increases in only a few minutes, beginning with a value of less than 100 kOhms and ending with a value in excess of 300 kOhms.

In the tests we carried out, the subjects rest for approximately 20 minutes, not practicing NSR. Then they practice NSR for approximately 20 minutes (instead of the usual 15 minutes), during which the GSR increases quickly. Finally, they rest for another 20 minutes without practicing NSR.

Here is typical data measured minute by minute on a single subject (on another page we present data on five other subjects).

Skin Electric Resistance (GSR) during NSR

Raw data: click here

These tests show substantially the same results as those carried out in the 1970s on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, today so much more costly than NSR. References:
Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation by R. K. Wallace, in Science 167:1751-1754, 1970;
Autonomic Stability and Transcendental Meditation by David W. Orme-Johnson, in Psychosomatic Medicine, 35:341-349, 1973.

Our results obtained with NSR are thus virtually identical with those obtained back in the 1970s with TM, which were thought so exceptional at the time.

All of this happens voluntarily and systematically and demonstrates a remarkable relaxation and reduction in anxiety. Click for data on five other subjects.

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Experiments conducted in September-October 2005.
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